About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an enriching and educational travel experience that enhances the student’s understanding of the world around them.

Our Company

Judi and Dennis Tichenor formed Educational Travel Services, Inc. in 1988. Judi has a 25-year history in the travel industry and Dennis has a 30-year history as an educator. They combined their experience and enthusiasm together to plan educational journeys for students and educators.

Traveling with students is a totally unique educational experience. We arrange all the details of student travel so that each student is safe and secure during the trip. Our professional, dedicated staff will work with you to insure your travel experience is worry-free.

ETSI provides experienced tour planners who understand the requirements of traveling with students. Most of our group leaders are educators. They have dedicated their careers to making a difference in the lives of students.

Students learn valuable academic lessons and create memories that last a lifetime. They learn important lessons about being on time, being dependable, being a good roommate, budgeting time and money, learning to get around in a new city and adapting to different lifestyles and cultures in different places.

Travel is a great way for students to become more in touch with the world around them.