Traveler FAQ

Questions frequently asked by parents:

Q. Can I travel with my son/daughter?

A. This is a question the Tour Leader can answer. Many of our groups do allow parents to travel, but they may reserve the spaces for students first. Check with your Tour Leader for more details. Please note the price for adults is based on the number of people that occupy the room. Please call our office for a quote. 800-752-1296.

Q. How many adult chaperones are going on the trip?

A. Usually it is one chaperone per 10 students. ETSI staff, Tour Guides, and Motorcoach Drivers are also with the group a large portion of their trip.

Q. How much money should I send with my child for spending money and in what form?

A. See our packing tips for more information on spending money and packing. We do suggest taking travelers checks and keeping a copy at home and in the suitcase.

Q. Can I get a hold of my son/daughter if there is an emergency?

A. Yes. You can call 800-752-1296 twenty-four hours a day and our staff can help you connect with your child. Also, you will be given an itinerary with travel details on it shortly before departure, so you will know where they are located.

Q. Should I check with the Airlines before I leave to pick my child up from the airport?

A. Definitely. Many times there are flight delays, so knowing ahead will be very helpful. You can click on Airline Information for all the website and phone listings.

Q. If the kids are staying four to a room with no adults, how do I know they will be safe at night?

A. A uniformed security guard is placed in the hallway of each hotel from 11:00pm to 6:00am for each group.

Q. What happens if my son/daughter gets sick on the trip?

A. Of course emergency services would be contacted immediately if needed. If it were something where the traveler needs to be seen by a Doctor, our staff and a chaperone would make sure they are seen and quickly re-join the group. We would call home to notify you if this occurs.

Q. Can my child’s flight be altered to accommodate our family’s vacation plans?

A. We make every attempt to assist in providing customized planning for your trip. Because space is limited on each trip, we request that you contact us as early as possible to make changes to your child’s flight plan. Individual itineraries will be assessed a $100 administrative fee plus the difference in airfare. An adult must accompany students when they leave the trip.

Q. Can I get travel insurance for my traveler?

A. Absolutely! We recommend it. ETSI has a partnership with Travel Insured, one of the nation’s leading travel insurance companies. There is no better way to protect your traveler in case of unexpected events.

Questions frequently asked by students:


Q. Can I room with my friends?

A. Usually yes, but room assignments are determined by your Tour Director or teacher. Three months before traveling you will fill out a "roommate selection form" where you can specify your top three choices.

Q. Can I sit by my friends on the flight?

A. Seats are assigned by the Airlines. When you are given your boarding pass, you must sit in your assigned seat for take off for safety reasons, and then usually you will have time to change seats after the pilot says it is safe to move about the airplane.

Q. Can I bring my mp3 player, electronic games and/or cell phone?

A. We suggest leaving anything of value at home since things are easily lost or damaged during travel, but ETSI does not have a policy prohibiting these items. However, your Tour Director makes the final decision regarding items allowed on the trip.

Q. Can I get school credit for my trip?

A. In many cases yes. We do offer a program called "Travel for Credit" and it is available in most school districts. Please visit our Travel for Credit section for details.

Q. Are their any requirements such as grades that I need to qualify for this trip?

A. ETSI does not have requirements for a student to travel. Be advised that your school MAY have requirements such as behavior or grades that could affect your trip. Check with your Tour Leader (teacher)

Q. How much spending money should I bring?

A. See our Travel Tips sections for more information on spending money and packing.

Q. How can I find out who is on the list to travel from my school?

A. Your Tour Leader (teacher) will have a current list.