Travel for Credit

Earn free High School Credit for your trip!

ETSI is an accredited travel study program though AdvancED. Accredited programs like the ETSI Travel for Credit program are held to the highest standards of excellence. Schools and families can be confident that students who complete our program have accomplished coursework that is right on target with their academic goals.

To be eligible for high school elective credit, you must meet the following criteria:

You can register for the program by calling 1-800-752-1296 or by email
Click here to download the pdf version of the Registration form.
Click here to download the pdf version of the Credit Withdrawal form.
Click here to download the pdf version of the Honor Code.

Grades and Transcripts
Complete grading criteria is available to students registered for the course.

Students who successfully complete the program with a passing grade will receive an official transcript from Educational Travel Services, Inc. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the document to their High School Counselor or Office Manager for processing to receive credit. Please check with your high school to be sure that they are accepting travel credit. Some schools may only offer half credit. Please contact ETSI for assistance with making arrangements to receive credit from your high school.

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