Travel Tips

Pack Smart—Pack Safe

Know the rules 
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extensive rules as to what you can and cannot take with you on your carry-on and checked in luggage. There are also new rules as to how much and what kinds of liquids may be brought. Find out more at

Make your luggage easy to recognize 
There are a lot of black bags out there! Make use of your ETSI provided bright green bag tag. Also, consider making your bag more easily identifiable with colored yarn or ribbon tied to your bag. Your bag will be easier to spot and it will be less likely to be mistakenly taken by someone else.

ALWAYS know where your bags are at all times
Especially in public places. You are responsible for everything you take with you.

For the plane ride
Most flights don’t offer meals on board so pack a snack if you tend to get hungry. Your flight may or may not have an in-flight movie so check with your tour director about your specific trip. Games and music device are typically allowed on the plane but be sure to follow the airline’s instructions as to how and when you can use them. Cell phones and anything that emits a signal is NOT typically allowed to be used during the flight.

Spending Money
Our trips have most of your daily expenses covered, like food, accommodations, and tickets to events and exhibits. It’s never a good idea to carry around a lot of cash with you while traveling. A debit card is great, but there is no guarantee that there will be an ATM at the location you are visiting. In addition to a regular credit card, another option is the prepaid credit card. We recommend approximately $20 per day for incidentals and shopping.

Day bag 
It is great to bring a day bag to walk around with on your trip. You can bring water, sunscreen, snacks, and all the essentials. But remember, every ounce counts. Don’t bring anything you aren’t willing to carry around all day.

Weather can change in an instant so make sure you pack for the unexpected. The easiest way to travel is to pack and dress in layers. That way you aren’t in the cold in the evening or end up too hot walking around in the afternoon. 

Jewelry and Accessories 
Keep it simple. Every extra piece is one more thing that has to go through security screening and can delay you trip or make you miss a flight. 

Makeup and styling equipment
Every minute up morning prep is that much less time to sleep in. Also, check with your trip advisor about what is available at the hotel. Most hotels have hair dryers in the room.

Toys, games, electronics 
If you can live without it, don’t bring it! Extra items cause delays and are just more weight to drag around. Trust us, you will have plenty to do on your trip!